Children’s Easter Craft Ideas

Easter time has arrived and what better way to celebrate with your child than with some egg-citing arts and crafts? Grow Early Education have put together a basket full of ideas for you and your little one to enjoy over the Easter long weekend.

From decorating eggs with bright and wonderful colours to turning household objects into your little one’s very own Easter Bunny, we have something for each age group to enjoy.

Arts and crafts play such a critical role in a child’s early years of development and learning. It allows them to first learn to properly grip a pencil before learning how to write, builds fine motor skills as they cut, stick, and paint, and encourages mental development as they begin familiarising themselves with shapes, colours, and numbers or letters.

Let’s hop into it!

Egg-cellent finger painting for Nursery children

Starting with the perfect arts and crafts experience for our Nursery-aged children. Finger painting is a great way for children to explore different textures, colours, and consistencies of paint while stimulating their senses.

To finalise the artwork, cut their pages into an egg-shaped piece or use it as a background for an Easter Bunny cut-out.

Watch as tiny hands create their very own masterpieces in our delightful Easter craft activity for nursery and tiny tots!

Egg-stra special egg decorating for Toddlers

Graduating from finger painting, your little ones will have the time of their life with this egg decorating activity perfect for Toddlers.

Create beautiful, marble-looking eggs by adding whipped cream to a baking tray and dripping a few drops of food colouring on the top. Using a toothpick, swirl the colours around until you’re satisfied with the marbling effect. Then, your little one can roll the eggs through the whipped cream creating these gorgeous (and edible…) eggs.

TIP: Switch the whipped cream for shaving foam and the eggs for wooden or plastic ones for long-lasting (non-edible) decoration.

This activity is great for sensory exploration and fine motor skills as the children use their fingers to feel the whipped cream and drop the food colouring.

Eggs-quisite paper plate bunnies for Junior Kindy crafting

From painting to pasting. How about we create our very own Easter Bunny friends using coloured paper, paper plates, and markers?

Paper plate crafts provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn, explore, and develop a wide range of skills essential to their growth and development.

Creating an Easter Bunny using paper plates uses fine motor skills as the children can cut and paste their own Bunny features for their paper plates.

You can assist your little one as they cut out bunny-shaped ears and stick them to their paper plates. Then, using a marker, draw on your eyes, noses, and mouths to complete the masterpiece.

TIP: Stick cotton balls to the plate for added sensory fun to create a fluffy bunny tail, pipe cleaners for whiskers and finally stick on googly-eyes!

Eggs-tremely fun egg carton crafts for Pre Kindy

Looking for a way to get use out of all your egg cartons? Why not use them for some egg-citing egg carton characters?

Your little one can encourage their fine motor skills by cutting the egg holes from the cartons and sticking them together to create little bunny bodies. Add the bunny features by using a marker to draw on the little face and some scrap paper to add ears, tails, and feet! Get creative and colour your egg cartons bright colours.

TIP: Fill your bunnies with mini-Easter Eggs and gift them to friends!

Eggs-traordinary letter learning for Kindergarten & Preschool

Using crafts to teach letters in kindergarten is a fun and effective way to engage young learners while reinforcing letter recognition and phonetic skills.

Further implement letters (or numbers) by creating letter cutouts for your little one to stick easter-themed bits and pieces too. You can use cotton balls, fake grass, paper nesting products, feathers, or even the foil wrappers from your Easter Eggs, all for additional sensory experiences!

TIP: Why not use this opportunity to also help your little one continue learning how to write their name? Create letter cut-outs of each letter of their name! Or, use numbers for improved numeracy skills.

We love implementing holiday-themed activities into the curriculums across our long daycare centres!

If you would like to see more Easter craft ideas, check out your closest Grow Early Education centre's Facebook page... We have been very busy this week with Easter-themed activities in the lead-up to the Easter weekend:




Happy Easter everybunny!

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